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The Facts on Long Term Care Insurance

Chronic and Critical Care expenses can add up quickly, severely depleting one's savings and assets. Fortunately, there are several new and exciting options in the insurance industry that address these realities, providing monthly cash benefits to you, while you are alive. The inevitable aging process brings on the likelihood of losing some abilities to perform the necessary activities of daily living, or worse, cognitive decline. There are excellent hybrid Life/LTC policies in the marketplace that provide living benefits to you, a very valuable solution that could in fact be the best financial purchase you ever make. Ask us for details and a customized proposal.

The Facts About Life Insurance

Life insurance is about life, your life. It’s about how you want to live your life right now and 20 or 30 years from now. It’s also about how your loved ones will live their lives when you’re gone, and no one knows when that day will come Life Insurance provides peace of mind, knowing that those closest to you can remain in their home and neighborhood, stay in the same school, go to college, get married, keep the business running, and so many more personal reasons meaningful specifically to you. Life insurance allows your dreams to continue, even if you aren't here to provide for them- the life insurance proceeds will.